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Check out the live, acoustic version of Canto Al Mar!!   This one grooves so hard.   It is our 2nd single off of our upcoming live album with Honey of the Heart!!

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Save the Date!! 10/28/22 Live at the Center For The Arts!!

Local acts, Honey of the Heart & BrightSide Blue, unite to create a super band. Through the pandemic, these two groups (each duos of love and music) got together to support one another and keep spirits high by meeting safely outdoors and learning each other's tunes. Since then, they have performed a myriad of shows culminating in this special one: a double album release show featuring songs of both bands backed by a grooving rhythm section.

Music through Quarantine

There's nothing that compares with a live show. And YET, this pandemic did reveal a few things about the power of community and the way that even virtual gatherings are able to move us so deeply. We've always known that energy can't be contained by walls and buildings, so it makes perfect sense that we can still FEEL you and and you can still FEEL us from miles and miles away.  What a nice reminder, especially during challenging times when we need support more than ever.

The most, the best, the only

"WHISPER WILLOW" - featuring Ayla Nereo


Video by acclaimed director  
Daniel “El Suchi” Garcia

Wonder, marvel and mystery in all that can be revealed by hidden places 
Wonder, marvel and mystery between the in between of everyday places

About us

BrightSide Blue is a duo from Nevada City that combines heart and soul filled vocals with virtuosic guitar-work and live looping to create brilliantly colored musical portraits. Ananda and Lindsay carry a powerful yet sensitive approach to their songwriting and performances, creating a healing sound current that leaves audiences feeling uplifted and inspired. 

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