Bringing together the voice of a fiercely loving angel and the instrumentation of an ever-learning master, BrightSide Blue uncovers a kind of truth and beauty that makes everything else okay. It's more than a musical act. It's a transmission. ”

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BrightSide Blue is a duo from Nevada City that combines heart and soul filled vocals with virtuosic guitar-work and live looping to create brilliantly colored, original musical portraits. Songs that combine diverse elements of folk, jazz, blues, and world music are delivered with the couple's unique brand of energy and sensitivity, leaving audiences smiling and spellbound.


BrightSide Blue has played festivals such as Beloved, Imagine, Cascadia, Mystic Rising, California World Fest, Relaxpansion, and Ecstatic Dance Convergence as well as listening rooms and other intentional gatherings across the country. No matter if they're playing to 20 or 200 people, BrightSide Blue always creates an intimate, moving experience for their audiences. 

Ananda and Lindsay have had the privilege of sharing stages with some awesome musicians and friends including:  Blues Traveller, Dr. John, The Polish Ambassador, Ayla Nereo, Peia, Deya Dova, Wildlight, Mariee Siou, Handmade Moments, Sasha Rose, Shimshai, and Sara Tone; and have performed at festivals alongside other amazing dears like Fanna-Fi-Allah, Yaima, MaMuse, Amber Lily & Tubby Love, Elijah Ray and more.

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